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German and Swiss-German


German (Native), Swiss-German (Native), Portuguese (C1), French (B1), Italian (B1), English (C1)


Aarau (Switzerland)

Living in

Vale do Capão (Brasil)


@milengua since 2023

Laura Keller 

Laura's enduring passion for languages has been a guiding force throughout her many years of travel and exploration. Transitioning seamlessly between the roles of translator and tourism guide, she has effortlessly woven the threads of diverse linguistic landscapes into the fabric of her professional life. In her earlier years, she also graced the pages of journals and newspapers with her written insights, establishing writing as a cherished hobby and she is currently committing to paper her first book.

Fulfilling a childhood dream, Laura has embraced the role of an online German teacher, catering to students of all ages and levels worldwide, both privately and within educational institutions. Simultaneously, she manages a cosy guesthouse that welcomes individuals from diverse corners of the globe. For Laura, the paramount goal is to cultivate an environment where her students feel not just comfortable, but empowered—unencumbered by the fear of making mistakes.

Her teaching philosophy is characterized by a personalized touch, tailoring each class to meet the unique needs and aspirations of every student. In this bespoke approach, Laura ensures that her students embark on a journey of language acquisition that is not only effective but also enjoyable. Ultimately, for Laura, the connections forged through language and education are central to her multifaceted life journey.


  • General Language Courses for all Levels

  • German for children 

  • Pronunciation

  • Swiss German Conversational Course

About me

I live in a natural park that invites beautiful treks, trout valleys, and hills, which I love to enjoy with my dog and family. I have a passion for music and art. If there is time left, besides taking care of and playing with my son, I enjoy reading a book or watching a movie with a nice cup of tea.

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