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All our tutors teach their native language(s). They all work under the same terms and conditions and with mutually agreed teaching methodologies using the CEFR as a central point of reference.


> Gesa Arens

> Janine Blattner

> Martina Bocek

> Bozena Berente

> Julia Fischer 

> Maria Flieher

> Sandy Grau

> Carmen Jones

> Dimitris Kioupritzis

> Ulrike Libera

> Medi Maria

> Pilar Muñoz 

> Dimitra Prassa

> Zdenek Schuh


> Sally Beard

> Arzu Eker

> Carmen Jones 


> Dimitris Kioupritzis

> Dimitra Prassa


> Stéphanie Gélin

> Pauline Legrand


> Martina Bocek

> Luca Villani


> Sandy Grau


> Arzu Eker 


> Márlio Barcelos Pereira da Silva  (Brazil)

> Saúl Marques da Silva (Portugal) 


> Agostina Alamada

> Medi Maria

> Pilar Muñoz

> Maria Seco 

> Luca Villani



German teacher and

manager of milengua.com 

Julia speaks: German (native), English (C1), Spanish (B2), French (B1), Swedish (A2), Russian (A1)

Expertise: Preparation for all German language certificates (telc, Goethe, testDaF and more), General language courses, German for Business, Pronunciation, conversational courses 

Studies in German and Scandinavian Philology as well as religious studies in Göttingen (Germany) and Turku (Finland).

Diploma as tutor for German as a foreign language by Goethe Institute,  Munich. Certified lecturer for adult education, IHK Hamburg.  

Many years of teaching experience as a free lecturer at university, as well as freelancing in various educational institutes and theaters.

Since 2015: teacher for milengua
Since 2018: milengua network manager



Swiss German teacher 

Janine speaks:  Swiss German and German (native), Spanish (C1), English (B1), French (B1) 

Expertise: General language courses and Swiss German courses. Regional studies of Switzerland and preparation for Swiss naturalization. 

who creates her classes on the basis of her students' individual needs and interests.

Growing up in  Zurich, Switzerland she now lives in the Dominican Republic and teaches her mother tongues via online lessons. 

"I love teaching German and especially Swiss German. For me it's very important that my student make a good learning effort and that they are happy with their progress. Every student is different, so each one has different requirements and learns at her/his own speed." 

At milengua since 2019




German and English teacher

Carmen speaks: English and German (native), French (A2) 

Expertise: 5 years of teaching experience in general and business language teaching, conversation and accent reduction, pronunciation practice. IELTS/FCE/CAE/BEC exam preparation, English for children, exam preparation for Goethe & telc certificates, German for children.


State-certified translator and interpreter for English-German and German-English.

Carmen is a friendly, professional teacher who adapts her lessons to her students’ individual learning styles and interest. She believes that fun and enjoyment are important in promoting learning and self-development.

At milengua since 2015.


Portrai Martina Bocek .jpg


German and Italian teacher

Martina speaks: German and Italian (native), English (C1), Bulgarian (B2), French (A2), Czech (A1.2), Russian (A1)

Expertise: German for Beginners, skills for everyday use, conversation class, work with teenagers and adults of different levels.

Studies of modern languages and cultures (German, Italian, English) in Rome, International House CAM-Certificate (certificate of advanced methodology), studies of sports journalism.

Born and raised in South Tyrol (German speaking part of Italy) with Czech/Italian origin.

Many years of experience in teaching German as a foreign language in Sofia (Bulgaria) at kindergartens, language schools and high schools, working with different age groups up to adults, individual, small groups and school classes.

Moreover, Martina works as a freelance journalist and a ghostwriter.

Focus: communication, languages and cultures between western and Eastern and Western European cultural characteristics, motivation and support for autonomous learning.

Martina supports her students to use the target language step by step from the very beginning without fear.

At milengua since 2018



German and Greek teacher

Dimitris speaks: German and Greek (native), English (C1), Turkish (C1).

Expertise: Preparation for all German language certificates, German and Greek for the work place, German and Greek for everyday life.

Dimitrios completed his studies in teaching German as a foreign language at the Department of German Language and Philology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

He has a Master’s degree in computer-assisted foreign language teaching (Ruhr University Bochum / Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki).


More than 25 years of teaching experience at different schools, universities, institutes and with private students in 1-2-1-lessons.


Born in South Germany and raised in a multicultural environment, Dimitrios loves foreign languages ​​and foreign cultures. Currently based in Hungary, he lived in Germany, Greece, and Turkey.

He has always been very dedicated to and passionate about teaching and he supports his students in their learning process with a lot of patience and flexibility.

At milengua since 2016




English and Turkish teacher

Arzu speaks: Turkish (native)  English (C2), Greek (C1)

Expertise: General and Business English all levels, all skills (Reading, writing, speaking -English). Professional English, English for Academic Purposes, TOEFL)

Arzu has a PhD in English Literature/Translation Studies from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She taught English at Turkish and Greek higher education institutions for more than 20 years. 


​Arzu participated in many international conferences, workshops and summer schools, including a 7000$ scholarship from Harvard University for Summer School in Olympia-Greece. 

She is also working as an independent scholar, translator, researcher. 

In her job she likes to observe her students making progress in mastering English confidently.  

Lessons with Arzu will be fun, engaging and interesting. She is also a mother raising a trilingual child. 

At milengua since 2016. 



Portuguese teacher

Marlío speaks: Portuguese (native), Spanish (C1), English (B2) French (A2) German (A2) 

Expertise:  Brazilian and European Portuguese, General language courses, Portuguese for academics 


Marlío has a Master degree in Letters-Brazilian Literature (University of São Paulo - Brazil and a BA in History (Federal University of Ouro Preto - Brazil). 


Living currently in Spain, he is a Ph.D. candidate and works as a Portuguese teacher at the University of Santiago de Compostela.


What he likes best about teaching is to spark student’s interest in Brazilian and Lusophone cultures. 

At milengua since 2019

Profilbild Ulrike Libera_edited.jpg

Ulrike Libera

German teacher

Ulrike speaks: German (native language),

Spanish (C2), English (C1), French (B2)

Expertise: Communication and language training in all areas, basic grammatical construction, preparation for language certificates


More than 20 years of experience in teaching German as foreign language at language schools and private classes, as well as her main occupation as a translator are Ulrike’s basis for a successful teaching of the German language.


Ulrike has been living with her family in Spain for many years and thanks to her broad experience and multilingual knowledge, she is in a position to meet the requirements of each student in a vast range of professional and cultural fields.

Ulrike’s online lessons are creative and structured and adapted to the requirements of each student by providing a varied and specific teaching program. Learning German with Ulrike is fun!

At milengua since 2015.

Maria Seco.png


Spanish teacher

Maria speaks: Spanish and Galician (native), English (C2), Portuguese (B1) 

Expertise: General Spanish course for all levels, Spanish for Business, Preparation for DELE, SIELE and other exams.


Maria is a patient and relaxed teacher with many years of experience teaching Spanish online and “offline”. While she was living in Ireland for more than 10 years, she taught her mother tongue and absolved diverse teaching qualification like Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (Instituto Cervantes), Postgraduate Diploma in teaching Spanish as a foreign language (UNED), Certified DELE examiner (A1, A2, B1, B2), Certified SIELE examiner as further courses about How to plan video conference teaching sessions,

and Production of multimedia materials for the foreign language class. 


For her, it’s very important to keep up to date with the latest teaching methods and she appreciates the opportunity to meet students of different nationalities, ages, and backgrounds and to learn a lot while she teaches.


In her free time, she likes walking in nature and as she lives near the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James) she walked the way and writes her own blog: Spanish for the Camino

She also likes reading and knitting.

At milengua since 2015.

Middle Aged Woman


German and Spanish teacher 

Medi speaks: German and Spanish (native),  English (B2), French (A1) 

Expertise: More than 25 years of teaching German and Spanish as well as translation.

Authorized translator for Spanish-German and German-Spanish in Germany and in Spain, specialized in Economics and Technology, more than 25 years of teaching German and Spanish.


Languages open doors and broaden human horizons, tolerance and improve the way people live together. 

It is a pleasure and also a need for me to not only to teach the German or Spanish language, but also the culture, habits and lifestyles of the other country.

Online lessons with Medi are always very instructive, well prepared and individually tailored to the student. Therefore the student will learn and improve the language quickly, efficiently and with a lot of fun.


At milengua since 2013.



German teacher 

Zdenek speaks: German (native), Czech (C1), English (B2) and French (A2)

Expertise: German for business and economics, General conversation, Grammar, Presentations, Job application and job interview training, 

Test preparation: A-levels, AP, Goethe Institute certificates, GDS, telc and TestDaF.

I cater to the needs of the entire spectrum of learners of German as a foreign or second language, ranging from total beginners (A1) up to advanced speakers (C2). I aim to improve students’ pronunciation and fluency, and their understanding and use of grammar.


I am a native speaker and since 2008 certified as a “Teacher of German as a Foreign Language”. It would be a pleasure and honor for me if you decide to entrust me with your language instruction. I am looking forward to our cooperation.

a) Determination of your language level and skills
b) Instruction with emphasis on conversation
c) Instruction tailored to your individual skills and according to your preferred style of learning
d) A variety of teacher-developed and time-tested teaching materials and pattern-drill techniques
e) Immediate error correction in the chat, if desired

Business German
Comprehension of the spoken word
Comprehension of the written word
Speaking exercises
Vocabulary development
Grammar development
Reduction of foreign accent
Job interview preparation
Test preparation

At milengua since 2019



German and Dutch teacher

Sandy speaks: German and Dutch (native), Spanish (C1), English (C1) and French (B1).

Expertise: Communication courses for all levels, beginners' courses - German and Dutch for everyday life, online lessons for children, preparation for all German and Dutch language certificates. Preparation for Swiss naturalization.

Sandy completed her studies in Spanish Philology in Utrecht / Holland.

She has been working as an online German and Dutch teacher and freelance translator for several years

Through many years of experience in tourism with different languages ​​and cultures, she has gained a lot of insight into how to handle different conditions in foreign language teaching

Due to her professional experience, high service orientation and flexibility, Sandy is always keen to support her students during the learning process with maximum commitment.


At milengua since 2017

Portrait of a Professional Woman



German and Spanish teacher

Pilar speaks: German and Spanish (native), English (C1), Dutch (C1) and French (A1).

Expertise: Communication courses for all levels, German and Spanish for everyday life, online lessons for children, preparation for language certificates


Studies in Political Science at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid and degree in European Studies at the “Universität des Saarlandes” in Germany.


She has been teaching German and Spanish since her time at university, mainly to children.

Recently, her focus has been teaching German and Spanish, both offline and online, as well as working as a freelance translator, interpreter and in the tourism sector.

Raised in Stuttgart and Seville, Pilar has always studied and worked in multilingual environments. Married to a Dutch, today she lives with her family in Southern Spain.

Focus on personal and result-oriented lessons where everything revolves around the student.

Thanks to her multilingual experiences, she has a strong ability to explain course-related material in other languages. She is always open-minded and cooperative.

At milengua since 2017.



German and Greek teacher 

Dimitra speaks: German and Greek (native), English (C1).

Expertise: Preparation for all German language certificates, German and Greek for everyday life and business, examiner for Goethe institutes, online lessons for children.


She completed her studies in teaching German as a foreign language always with a great interest in foreign languages and cultures.

Almost 20 years of teaching experience at language schools and with private students in 1-2-1-lessons, 10 years experience in teaching German as a foreign language at Greek schools.

Born in Germany, raised bilingually

Focus on versatile lessons, taking into account the customs, traditions, cultural experiences of the students as well as comparisons to the German-speaking mentality and regional studies.

At milengua since 2016. 



German teacher 

Gesa speaks: German (native), Italian (C1), Spanish (B2), English (B2) and French (A1).

Expertise: Communication courses for all levels, beginners' courses - German for everyday life, online lessons for children, preparation for all German language certificates


Several years experience of working as an online German teacher and freelance translator.

Born in Munich, Gesa now lives with her international family in southern Spain, where her children are growing up speaking 5 languages.

Thanks to her versatile professional experiences, her personal life history and her family situation, she has gained significant insight into successful ways of learning foreign languages and into various didactic methods.

At milengua since 2013.

sally beard_edited.jpg


English teacher

Sally speaks: English (mother tongue), Spanish (C1), French (B2), German (B1).

Expertise: General and Business English all levels, exam preparation by C.E.L.T.A. (Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)

Sally speaks British with a perfect Oxford-English accent.

She has more than 10 years of professional experience as a tutor for English as a foreign language with longer stays in the Caribbean and in different European countries.


Sally has been teaching various group courses and teaching concepts in language schools and companies and provides individual lessons online and offline for all levels and all content (conversation, everyday language, business English).

For her, it is important to cover all aspects of the English language in her lessons: vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, listening, and, of course, speaking. Each lesson is tailored to the needs of the student.



Spanish teacher

Agostina speaks: Spanish (native language)

English (C1)

Expertise: General Spanish courses for all levels, online classes for children and teenagers.

Agostina studies Language and Literature at the Nacional University Córdoba (UNC), Argentina. 

She teaches children from 7 to 10 years at an English institute and she also has experience in teaching teenagers. 

She teaches her mother tongue Spanish with a lot of passion as she is very enthusiastic about the beauty of language as well as its communicative impact and function.

"I think communication is one of the bases of human relationships, so doing this properly helps us to understand each other and to avoid problems. I would like to share with my students the beauty of a language spoken by so many people across the world." 

At milengua since 2019. 



French teacher

Pauline speaks: French (mother tongue), English (C2), Turkish (C2), Spanish (C2), Portugues (B2)  

Expertise: General French courses for all levels, conversational classes, French for academics

Pauline holds a master’s degree in Français langue étrangère (French as a foreign language, FLE) and has been working as a French teacher at the University of Istanbul, Turkey. 

Her classes are always tailored to the requirements of the​ student and you'll find a perfect mixture of fun and challenge in her course. As a creative and spontaneous person, her classes are both versed and varied with a focus on the student's learning progress. 


At milengua since 2018.

Luca Villani1.jpg

Luca Villani

Italian and Spanish teacher

Luca speaks: 

Italian (native language), Spanish (C2),

English (C1)



Beginner, intermediate and advanced level; Cambridge (ENG), DELE (SPA), CILS/CELI (ITA) exams preparation. Children and adults. Teenagers and adults. Available for translations from and into Italian, English, Spanish. 


Luca holds a Master's Degree in Modern languages for the international communication and cooperation (Università degli studi di Macerata, Italy); as well as a Master's Degree in Teaching Formation  (Universidad de Leon, Spain). Further training: CEDILS Certificate, Universidad Ca' Foscari, Venice. DELE C2 Certificate, Instituto Cervantes, Spain. CAE C1 Certificate, Cambridge Institute, United Kingdom.


After having worked in the field for several more years Luca is currently working as a Teacher of Italian as a second/foreign language, teacher of English and Spanish as a foreign language, and as a Freelance translator. Due to his interest in and love of languages he is keen to spread Italian and Spanish language and culture in a motivational and useful way.


At milengua since 2015 

Saul Marques da Silva.jpg

Saúl Marques da Silva

Portuguese teacher

Saúl speaks: 

European Portuguese (native language), French (C1) English (C1) 

Italien (C1) Spanish (C1)


From beginner to advanced; preparation of official language certificate’s exams, Business language, and skills 


Saúl holds a Master's degree in Philosophy as well as a Master's in Portuguese as a Foreign Language. 

Having lived and worked many years abroad, for example, 6 years in Africa (São Tomé e Príncipe), another 6 years in Italy and currently living and teaching in France, Saúl loves to share his language and culture with people from all over the world!


His lessons are entertaining and versed and he helps students to master the language quickly and to apply it in their daily life. Having taught in various cultural and social he knows perfectly how to adapt to each student’s individual needs. 


“I love teaching languages and I consider myself a funny and at the same time very professional person.” 


At milengua since 2020 


Bozena Berente

German and Polish teacher

Bozena speaks: Polish (native), German (C2), Hungarian (B2), English (B1)


General German courses for all levels, conversation, German for the workplace, preparation for all language

certificates (A1-C2) of the Goethe-Institut.

Bozena completed her studies in German Philology in Cracow/Poland and in teaching German as a foreign language at the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena/Germany.

She has been working as a German teacher and examiner for 17 years at the Goethe-Institut Budapest. She is also a trainer for German teachers in Hungary.

Various didactic methods, creative exercises, and fun are only some of the characteristics of her lessons.

At milengua since 2019



German teacher

Maria speaks: German (native), English (C1), Swedish (C2), Danish (B2)  

Expertise: Adult education,  Intensive German courses for beginners, Business German

Maria has been working as a German teacher and translator in Madrid for the past 5 years. She is a persistent but most of all an empathetic and funny teacher.

Maria holds a bachelor's degree in Spanish and English Linguistics.

She was living in Scandinavia for four years where she learned Danish and Swedish.

She gave an intensive summer course for German A1 at Deutschakademie Berlin in 2017 and in 2018 and lived in Ireland for 6 months working as a German transcriber and online teacher. 

I"t has always been my central focus to motivate my students and keep them motivated. Languages and people are my vocation and working as a teacher allows me to combine them."

At milengua since 2019.

woman 2

Stéphanie Gélin

French teacher

Stéphanie speaks:

French (native language), Spanish (C2), Englisch (B1) 



Lessons for teenagers, adults, general language courses for all levels, beginner to advanced, preparation for official language certificate exams, business French (A1, A2, B1)


StéphaneI studied Hispanic Philology and works as a teacher of French as a Foreign language since 2009. She worked, inter alia, at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas in Lugo (Spain) as a french conversation assistant for 4 years. 


She also operates her own blog, le FLE en un clic for learners of French. 


With her high-level professionalism, her broad experience and open-heart approach lessons with Stephanie are both, enjoyable and effective.  

At milengua since 2020


Become a teacher! 

We are a network of online teachers who all teach their mother tongue as a foreign language. We all work under the same terms and conditions and with the same material in accordance to the CEFR. 

If you have previous online or offline teaching experience and are curious about new methods and techniques, we would love to hear from you.

After your induction, you can start working with us right away. 

We look forward to meeting you!


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