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German and Swiss German


German (native), Swiss German (native), English (B2),



Zurich (Switzerland)

Living in

Tiflis (Georgia)


@milengua since 2021

Nick Roth

Born and raised in Zurich (Switzerland), Nick can help you gain insight into the Swiss culture and language. Nick holds a bachelor’s degree in information technologies and currently works as a freelancer. Living abroad, he has taught German as a foreign language for the last two years.


  • General language courses for Beginners and Intermediate

  • Regional Studies Switzerland and Preparation for Einbürgerungsgespräch 

About me

I am a digital nomad, 25 years old, and I am passionate about art, painting, cooking, drone racing, fitness and health and, of course, languages.


Take the chance to support Nick with personal feedback. Share your experience and let other students know what you liked in particular about your lessons. 

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