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German (native), Czech (C1) English (B2), French (A2)


Saarbrucken (Germany) 

Living in

Prague (Czech Republic)


@milengua since 2019

Zdenek Schuh

Zdenek caters to the needs of the entire spectrum of learners of German as a foreign or second language, ranging from total beginners (A1) to advanced speakers (C2). He helps to improve students’ pronunciation and fluency and their understanding and use of grammar. Since 2008 Zdenek has been certified as a “Teacher of German as a Foreign Language”. In addition, he is an expert in Business German and supports students with job application and job interview training.


  • General language courses

  • Business language courses

  • Exam Preparation

About me

I love black and white photography, primarily portraits, still lifes and landscapes. I like to cook, gardening and I am familiar with herbal medicine. I like modern theatrical performances and outdoor cinema in summer. In my leisure time, I swim to stay fit.


Take the chance to support Zdenek with personal feedback. Share your experience and let other students know what you liked in particular about your lessons. 

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