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Students Taking Exam

Exam Preparation 

Whether you need a certificate for your staying permit, university access, for your company, or to perform better on the job market - If you need to sit an exam, you want to make sure to face it best prepared.

In milengua's exam preparation courses, you'll find a perfect structured curriculum that is adapted to your current level and needs. You will get familiar with the exam's requirements and train in the exam tasks. 


The most common exams and certificates are

  • German language: Goethe Exam (A1-C2), telc Exam (A1-C2), fide Sprachtest A2 - B1. TestDaf. DSH 

  • English language: TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge 

Exam Training 
Preparation Course for Offical Language Certificates 

Exams normally contain four parts and assess levels in each linguistic sub-skill, i.e.: 

  1. Reading

  2. Listening

  3. Writing

  4. Speaking

During your preparation course, your tutor will apply a combination of explanations and exercises to familiarise you with the exam's specific requirements and the types of tasks.

All parts can be practised, but courses normally focus on language production, i.e. writing and speaking. Simulating the oral exam several times will boost your confidence. 

Practice for the writing part includes text structure, idiomatic expressions, grammar, spelling and increasing the range of vocabulary. 

For the reading and listening test,  your tutor will show you comprehension strategies like identifying keywords, increasing reading speed and managing auditory inputs. 


If you want to get a better idea of how a preparation course works, just sign up for a free demo lesson, and you’ll meet your personal tutor for a free trial of 30 minutes, where you can try our method without any obligations. 

Questions are welcome 

We will gladly answer any questions regarding the Exam Preparation or any other outstanding issues. 

If you have any more questions or would like more information about the CEFR and milengua’s application for it, please contact us. 

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