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About us

Your personal language school 

milengua is an online language school offering 1:2:1 live lessons with native-speaking tutors. 


We are a small, personal company, and everything is from a single source. Solo entrepreneur Julia Fischer is responsible for everything that happens behind the scene. She is your contact for any matter.

About 25 professional and mostly native-speaking freelance tutors teach at milengua. They have backgrounds in the educational field or studied "something related to language" (e.g. magisterium, philology, translation, journalism, social science, pedagogy). Besides, they are awfully nice. 

We are a language school rather than a platform as our tutors work under the same conditions and prices with comparable methods and principles. Moreover, instead of being a concurrence, we help and support each other.


That allows us to offer a teacher change or substitution if needed, and at the same time, it's a way to ensure the quality of the lessons. For example, a teacher change might be necessary when mutual availability changes. Or bring a fresh breeze of air to your studies by getting to know a new person. In times of vacation, sickness, pregnancy and other personal, familiar or professional reasons, the possibility of substitution means excellent support both to students and teachers. 

Online Language Lessons since 2011

milengua was founded in 2011 when online lessons were still exceptional and technically quite simple. 

As it became increasingly popular, milengua created a network of freelance tutors, and they agreed on similar teaching methods. 

By today the loose network has become a school, and its teachers are involved in creating a common approach.

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Julia Fischer 
Managing Director 


We offer private one-on-one lessons, which are highly individualized sessions. We follow a learner-centred approach. 

We believe that learning is an individual process. Among other factors, we consider the learning type, learning habits, learning capacities, previous learning experience, social and professional context and time resources, educational background, language contact outside the classroom, learning motivation (e.g. professional, private, residence permit), and personal interests. All these aspects can influence the learning progress of the student.


However, they should not be understood as static quantities but as factors that can change over time and therefore have to be discussed again and again. 

The lessons take place via video conferencing tools like Skype, Meet, Zoom etc. In addition, your tutor will provide you with a collaborative portfolio that you'll use in every class.

During the lesson, the tutor and student use this online document that can be edited in real-time by both people.

The document serves as a whiteboard and visualization option in the classroom. Moreover, it is available anytime, and you always have your individual portfolio and can retrace your step-by-step progression.

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