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 Welcome to milengua, an online language school specializing in personalized one-on-one lessons for expats and foreigners living in Switzerland who are eager to learn German as a Foreign language.

Founded in 2011, milengua was one of the pioneers in the online language learning industry. Over the years, we have gained valuable experience in addressing the specific needs of expats residing in Switzerland, hailing from diverse countries and backgrounds.

Our commitment to excellence has fueled our growth, and today, milengua boasts a network of highly qualified and experienced freelance tutors. These tutors are not only native speakers of the German language but also passionate educators who share our principles, teaching methods, and dedication to helping students achieve their language learning goals.

As a small, personal company, we take pride in offering a unique and tailored learning experience for each student.

At milengua, we understand the unique challenges faced by expats and foreigners living in Switzerland, which is why our focus is on teaching German as a Foreign language specifically catered to your needs. Whether you're aiming to integrate into Swiss society, excel in the workplace, or simply communicate more effectively with locals, milengua is here to support you on your language learning journey.

In addition to our standard language courses, we also offer specialized preparation for official language exams, including the language requirement tests for c-Permit and naturalization, as well as advanced language exams for the purpose of recognition of academic titles or access to university. Our tailored exam preparation programs are designed to equip you with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in these assessments, helping you achieve your goals of residency, citizenship, academic recognition, or higher education in Switzerland.


Join us at milengua and take the next step towards mastering German and fulfilling your aspirations in Switzerland.

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