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Young Businesswomen

Better together

Get more interaction in a class for two - with your partner, colleague, or friend. You can share your computer or be at different locations. Benefit from dynamic conversations that bring more life to your lessons. Progress together with your partner and share your achievement. 

Duo Lessons 

milengua offers Duo Lessons for two people. Your tutor designs a lesson plan that suits the needs of both of you and helps you make fast progress in your learning process. You can benefit from an interactive language learning setting and push yourself with a partner on your side. You'll enjoy a dynamic course atmosphere.  

We recommend joining lessons when the language level is very similar and if the availability is quite flexible. 


You can be at the same place or dial in from different locations. The important is getting together! This course type is very beneficial if you'd like to focus on conversational lessons and a high speaking part.

Of course. you can agree on any content and focus with your tutor. 


If you want to know more about joining lessons and need advice if it suits your situation you can contact us anytime.

Phone number on request.

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