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Private   lessons

No matter if you want to prioritize conversation, boost your grammar, learn specific vocabulary, or get more confidence. Your online tutor will design a tailor-made program to get you wherever you want. You will learn at your own pace, and all the talking time will be devoted to you. The course permits total immersion in the language.

Together at the Top

Individual Lessons one-on-one

The wish for progress and growth is an important factor in our lives, personal or professional. 

 If you want to progress quickly and continuously, private one-on-one classes are the best way to succeed. Your tutor will deal with your personal language experience and skills, focus on your individual needs and choose suitable, interesting material. 

For beginners, we often work with a study- and workbook from well-known editors as it guarantees a transparent structure and appropriate progression. Together with your tutor, you can pick a book of your choice, and of course, we advise you while taking into account your learning profile. However, every lesson is adapted and individualized - no page-to-page lessons!

With an intermediate and advanced level, your tutor will introduce more and more authentic materials, as the CEFR requests: articles from newspapers, magazines and websites, podcasts and radio features, interviews, videos, movies, clips and much time for conversation, practising, and sustaining your skills.

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