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German (native),English (C1), Spanish (A1), Italian (A1)


Vienna (Austria)  

Living in

Coimbra (Portugal) 


@milengua since 2021

Bianca Gieber

Bianca grew up in a small town in Austria and was living in Vienna, yet she recently moved to Portugal. Bianca has been travelling the past few years through Bali, England, Germany and Austria. She has worked in various capacities and lived in Berlin for 7 years before that, so her German is accent-free, and her German is clear and easy to understand. Bianca holds a Master’s degree in Educational Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Romance Studies (Spanish, Italian). She lived in Kent, England, for a year after finishing university and fell in love with the country and the English language. She enjoyed languages from a young age that have always come easy to her as she has a natural affinity. Bianca has been offering German classes to kids and adults, focusing on conversations. It is delightful for her and her students alike to have philosophical and otherwise deep conversations. Kids enjoy their classes with Bianca because she is fun and easy to relate to, personalizes every lesson and shows great flexibility with her younger students’ changing needs and capacities.


  • Language courses for children

About me

I am very passionate about spiritual and emotional healing and live a lifestyle in alignment with these values. In addition, I enjoy nature, hike a lot and find great comfort, joy and support in lakes, rivers, forests and mountains.

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