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German (native),English (C1), Portuguese (B1)


Berlin (Germany)  

Living in

Berlin (Germany) 


@milengua since 2020

Johanna Müllerschön

Johanna finished her studies in "Health education" and "Public health" in Germany. She has been teaching in the health area for many years and teaching German for two and a half years. For Johanna, the best way to learn and to get a feeling for a language is if she has to talk. So she would (if that is discussed with the students) speak mainly in German and put effort into the students to speak and to be able to have conversations.


  • General language courses

  • Exam Preparation

About me

One of my favourite things is travelling, discovering new places, nature, different cultures, and people, and experiencing freedom. When I am not travelling, I spend my free time with friends, acrobatics, dancing, and handicrafts like pottery, sewing, or wood. I love cinnamon.


Take the chance to support Johanna with personal feedback. Share your experience and let other students know what you liked in particular about your lessons. 

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