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Hallo & Hola! 


German and Spanish


German (native), Spanish (native), English (B2), French (A1)   


Bonn (Germany) 

Living in

Valencia (Spain) 


@milengua since 2013

Medi Maria

Medi has more than 25 years of experience teaching German and Spanish as well as translation. ​Authorized translator for Spanish-German and German-Spanish in Germany and Spain, specializing in Economics and Technology. Online lessons with Medi are always very instructive, well prepared and individually tailored to the student. Therefore the student will learn and improve the language quickly, efficiently and with much fun. Languages open doors, broaden human horizons and tolerance and improve how people live together. Therefore, it is a pleasure and a need for me to teach German or Spanish language and the other country's cultures, habits, and lifestyles.


  • General language courses

  • Business language courses

  • Exam Preparation

About me

Since I am very open-minded, I like getting to know people from different cultures. But, of course, this is best done while travelling, one of my hobbies. Unfortunately, there is not enough time for my many different interests. I love reading and painting, photography, taking long walks with my dogs on the beach, and cooking international dishes. In particular, I love meeting friends over a cup of coffee or even a good glass of wine and forgetting the time to talk about everything under the sun.

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