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French (native), English (C1), Turkish (C1), Spanish (C1), Portuguese (B2)   


Paris (France)

Living in

Istanbul (Turkey)


@milengua since 2018

Pauline Legrand

Pauline holds a master's degree in Français langue étrangère (French as a foreign language, FLE) and has been working as a French teacher at the University of Istanbul, Turkey.​​ Her classes are always tailored to the student's requirements, and you'll find a perfect mixture of fun and challenge in her course. As a creative and spontaneous person, her classes are both versed and varied, focusing on the student's learning progress.


  • General language courses

  • French for Academic Purpose 

  • Preparation for all French language certificates 

About me

I am from Paris and based in Istanbul. I like Istanbul cause here I can work with artisans and tailors and create anything from paint, gold, leather or textile. If I already had some paintings' exhibitions, I now have my own brand, majnounbags. I can never stop reading, learning, and having intelligent conversations, whatever the subject.

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