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French (native), English (C1), Turkish (C1), Spanish (C1), Portuguese (B2)   


Paris (France)

Living in

Istanbul (Turkey)


@milengua since 2018

Pauline Legrand

Pauline holds a master's degree in Français langue étrangère (French as a foreign language, FLE) and has been working as a French teacher at the University of Istanbul, Turkey.​​ Her classes are always tailored to the student's requirements, and you'll find a perfect mixture of fun and challenge in her course. As a creative and spontaneous person, her classes are both versed and varied, focusing on the student's learning progress.


  • General language courses

  • French for Academic Purpose 

  • Preparation for all French language certificates 

About me

I am from Paris and based in Istanbul. I like Istanbul cause here I can work with artisans and tailors and create anything from paint, gold, leather or textile. If I already had some paintings' exhibitions, I now have my own brand, majnounbags. I can never stop reading, learning, and having intelligent conversations, whatever the subject.


Take the chance to support Pauline with personal feedback. Share your experience and let other students know what you liked in particular about your lessons. 

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